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Innovative, Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatments

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to help trim those lingering love handles. And even weight loss won’t eliminate fat cells, leaving them to expand with weight gains. Now, thanks to recent developments in fat reduction technology, you can experience a more toned, sculpted figure and fewer fat cells with CoolSculpting® treatments from Freese Frame, the Cedar Valley’s leader in non-surgical body-shaping services. Explore this site or contact us today to learn more about our office and this revolutionary treatment!

CoolSculpting®: Available Locally at Freese Frame

Advanced Technology,

Amazing Results

CoolSculpting® treatments are based upon Harvard University research that demonstrated the effects of cold in freezing and eliminating fat cells while safely maintaining neighboring tissue and skin. This development, known as Cryolipolysis®, led to the creation of the FDA-approved CoolSculpting® procedure to help people reduce the number of their fat cells and thus achieve greater body definition.

While weight-loss practices such as diet and exercise can help shrink the size of existing fat cells, those cells remain active and susceptible to increase as weight is added. Through application of a cooling device, CoolSculpting® freezes and cut down on subsurface fat cells, which in turn disappear naturally and permanently over time. This procedure leaves your body looking more fit and fantastic and allow you to avoid anesthetics, incisions and post-surgical downtime.

CoolSculpting®—a long-term solution for eliminating body bulging and achieving a redefined you, without surgery, lasers or risk to surrounding healthy areas. To find out if it’s right for you, click here or contact Freese Frame today.

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The Facts About Fat Reduction

Although they sound alike and deal with the same areas of the body, fat reduction and weight loss are two different concepts. While losing weight results in the reduction of your existing fat cells, those cells remain in your body in smaller form and are subject to growth any time you become heavier. Therefore, despite its other health benefits, weight loss leaves a significant number of remaining internal fat cells for most people.

Offered locally in the Cedar Valley by Freese Frame, the CoolSculpting® technology was developed to permanently eliminate fat cells while preserving those cells in areas where the CoolSculpting® device isn’t applied. Through this process, fat cells located in parts of your body where the device is used are frozen and gradually and naturally disappear.

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