How It Works

How It Works

If you’ve experienced persistent bulges or love handles, tight-fitting clothes, or a less active lifestyle, then you’ve probably thought about losing weight. But even with weight loss, fat cells remain within your body in smaller forms and can grow if you later regain weight. That’s where Freese Frame treatments using CoolSculpting® technology come in! Instead of undergoing liposuction or other surgeries that can involve incisions, needles and scarring or laser procedures that may damage surrounding healthy cells, you can experience the revolutionary, noninvasive fat-extraction treatment that eliminates fat cells naturally and permanently.

Through the placement of a lubricated temperature device that administers regulated cooling to the areas of treatment, fat cells are identified and frozen, resulting in their eventual disintegration within your body. This FDA-approved process preserves non-fat cells and creates tighter subsurface fat cell grouping for a more defined, healthier body.

Smarter Technology for
Natural Body-Molding

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Once treatment is complete, most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately, unlike other fat-reduction approaches that require lifestyle alterations during the healing process such as missed work and modifications in your schedule and activities at home. Click on the video to see what CoolSculpting® can do for you, or call us today for more information!

Individualized Treatment Plans, Convenient Scheduling and Long-Term Results

If you’re ready to enjoy a healthier, more defined body through Freese Frame, the first step is to meet with one of our providers. During this meeting, you’ll discuss your desired body enhancement goals, as well as the importance of appropriate diet and exercise to maintaining fat reduction attainment. After reviewing specific areas that you want to target for fat reduction, your provider will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that identifies the type of applicator and number of procedures necessary to freeze a professionally recommended number of fat cells.

Unlike a lot of other fat reduction procedures, Freese Frame is designed to fit easily into your daily schedule through brief, painless procedures. Each treatment lasts one hour—the same time you might spend eating or exercising during an average lunch break. We know your time is valuable, and that’s why our treatments are focused to help you achieve maximum fat reduction and get you back to your busy day. And our noninvasive treatments are perfect for those who like to multitask—enjoy relaxing, reading, watching videos and more during your procedure!

After one procedure with the CoolSculpting® technology, you’ll observe a decrease in your existing fat, and during your Freese Frame treatments over the course of a few months, your body will further eliminate fat cells. This change will bring out a new you—a healthier appearance that translates into looser clothing and a more active lifestyle, all without surgery, medication or other invasive activities. And by sticking with the treatment plan developed by your provider and you, including maintaining your current diet and exercise, you can continue these results and, if your clinician approves additional procedures, achieve even greater fat reduction. Discover how our consultation process works by clicking on the video or contacting us today!

A Firmer Figure Through Clinical Fat Freezing